Visual Distraction (ex_sinnie785) wrote in night_thyme,
Visual Distraction

Best (or not best) Scary Moooovies of all Time!

I was thinking about my favorite scary movies and came up with this list of the ones that most scare/intrigue/fascinate me. What are yours? :)

[in no real particular order]

1. The Ring (I still haven't seen the Japanese version -- is it better? Worse?)
2. Jeepers Creepers (Up until they actually showed the monster, it was one of the freakiest movies I've seen)
3. The original Salem's Lot television movie (When that evil kid is hovering outside the window with his weird-assed blue eyes and did the *tap tap tap* against the pane, I freaked out)
4. Jaws (I seriously, and I mean seriously, was afraid of the water for a long time after seeing it for the first time)
5. The Exorcist (I saw the unedited-for-television version for the first time when it was rereleased. It spooked me.)
6. Nightmare on Elm Street (The first one was clever and scary. Plus it's a good makeout movie.)
7. Carnival of Souls (Does anyone else remember this one?)
8. The Sixth Sense (clever, clever, creepy movie -- plus it had EVP in it!)
9. The Blair Witch Project (again, it was clever....when I first saw it I was living in the country and after leaving the theatre I had to drive night....alone....)
10. Wax Work (This may not be the right had the chick from "Valley Girl" in it and she was the Marquis de Sade's bitch...and liked it!)

so. share, chilluns....share.
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